Hello and thank you for visiting the site. My name is Jon Reynolds and I am a designer and illustrator originally from Santa Barbara, California. I graduated with a degree in Art from the University of California Berkeley, specializing in film studies and printmaking. I have worked in design ever since.

The first studio film I worked on was Alexander Payne’s, Sideways. I continued to work in film production for a variety of directors including David Lynch, Rob Zombie and Neil LaBute, amongst others. In 2013 I started working for the Walt Disney Company as a graphic designer and have enjoyed working on a wide variety of properties for MARVEL, Star Wars, Pixar and Disney+ amongst many others.

I’m happiest when I’m making things. Designing T-shirts, aging props, pulling screen-prints, writing and illustrating stories, creating logos and everything else in between.

In my spare time I enjoy deep dives into music and movies from the distant past (the 1960s & 70s), running, kayaking, snowboarding, collecting all sorts of things, playing with my two sons and talking about music, art and Ted Lasso.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon.

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